Thrift Store Find

Awful painting

So I was out thrifting with the girlfriend today and I saw this monstrosity hanging on the wall at the local Salvation Army. Beautiful and somewhat grotesque at the same time. I had to have it. The girlfriend doesn’t care for it that much, but I could look at it for hours. Freaking hours. Sometimes bad art is loads better that actual art. Where do I even begin with this one. Dang. The complete disregard for actual anatomy? The Windows? That guy hiding to the woman’s left with the jar on his head? This shit is fantastic. I have this hanging right above the computer I’m typing this up on. Anytime I want I can look right and see this bastard up on the wall and know I got something special.

4 responses to “Thrift Store Find

  1. I can’t see the dude to the left, but it worries me the way he has his feet. he’s facing us, one foot is facing the oposite way and the other looks like it might be okay but I can’t tell. I tried standing like that, sober, and could not. I was thinking maybe the foot has been hobeled? The is hot though.. here’s some interesting facts about silver fish from an earlier comment I made.


    common name for primitive, wingless insects of the family Lepismatidae. The silverfish, which has two long antennae and three long tail bristles, is named for its covering of tiny, silvery scales. It develops directly in six or more molts into an adult about 1?2 in. (1.27 cm) long. It has chewing mouthparts set in a head cavity and eats starch from book bindings, wallpaper, and clothing. The silverfish is common indoors in cool, damp places such as basements. The firebrat, in the same taxonomic family, is found in warm places, e.g., near steampipes and boilers. Silverfish are classified in the phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, order Thysanura, family Lepismatidae.

  2. I ment the chich is hot. You need a spell check and gramar check in this blog! Some of us are gramatically impaired

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  4. Funny thing is… The guy is holding a dead animal over his shoulder and no one even notices this!

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