Katamari Dacookie

Katamari Cookie

Further proof that my girlfriend is several shades more creative than I. A cookiefied rendition of the game Katamari Damacy.


2 responses to “Katamari Dacookie

  1. I found your blog cause I noticed one of your fonts as font of the moment at 1001fonts.com, hee. I like the new songs, Breakfasts Guests is really good to do art by cause they’re no words to break concentration. Experimental instrumentals are great for breaking out of the need to name things and do right brain thinking or left brain whatever is the creative side. Anyways, I think you’re a genius! I can’t believe that after eating all this halloween candy that that cookie still looks delicious!

  2. Hey i was google’n ma own site and found yours.
    i’d agree that ur girlfriend is WAY creative
    looks yummy !!!

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