Take Me Out To The Ball Game


Probably my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. So gross. Sex at the little league park. How romantic. Damn kids.


2 responses to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game

  1. How do you know that the “used” CONdom wasn’t in somebodies’s pocket, and maybe they went to get their keys out of their pocket and accedintally the sticky condom stuck to their hands, and they pulled their hands out said ewe and shook the nasty condom from their hand and it fell to the ground?

    This has happened to me. Although not at a ball park but in the parking lot of a dollar store near my house. I had finished my shopping and on the way to my truck I reached for my keys and came away with a sticky surprise. I don’t know how such a thing ended up in a pocket of my blue jeans. I can only assume, that a lady i may have pissed off for some reason of revenge or somthing after a romp in the hay placed the offending item in my pants pocket whilst I was unaware. anyhow it is a nice picture

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