otaku tattoo

This weeks Illustration Friday drawing. Tattoo. Yeps. The tattoo on the fellow’s belly says Otaku. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology check out the Wikipedia entry on it. It’s more or less a nerd way into Japanese anime, manga and the like. With the exception of the glasses, this kinda looks like me in high school. Purely unintentional. Kinda funny though. That is my DS in his hands. And I do like Pocky. Crap. I enjoy anime. The more adult, tentacle-free variety. The Pikachu and the furry ears and tail are to be funny, I’m into neither.

Here’s some of my initial sketches for those interested:

tattoo sketches

I don’t know how the original idea of a parody of Tupac’s Thug Life tattoo, Nerd Life, turned into otaku. Hmm.

4 responses to “Tattoo!

  1. Crazy wacky! I like it.

  2. cool – he must be very confused?

  3. I like your drawing style, its got energy…

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