Mysterio Monday (Animal Crossing & Rainbow Love)

Hey gang. Another Mysterio Monday. Two of them for you this week:

Animal Crossing Mysterio

Me and k.t. are way into the DS game Animal Crossing. Way into it. So I thought I’d combine one passion with another. Hence, the Mysterio kitchen tile.

Rainbow Mysterio

This one was done on one of those rainbow scratcher things. Roseart Rainbow Scratch Drawing kit. Yeah. That’s it. I got it for Christmas as I tend to get art products and the like for gifts. I like the way it turned out. I should’ve drawn Spider-Man a little bigger in the corner there.

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4 responses to “Mysterio Monday (Animal Crossing & Rainbow Love)

  1. my kids love those roseart things. They are great on trips in the car. Keeps them occupied for hours.

  2. my kids use them in school. they have a great time with them. I would like to know how to make the paper or something like it for my kids myself. I found this page thru google looking for rainbow pictures. Nuff said! Nice pics!

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