Finally. An Illustration Friday topic I'm already way into. Here's my monster. Ink and Watercolor. Not too sure why he doesn't have a bottom jaw. Weird.


 monster sketch

I found the sketch I did for this one. I left it at work the other day, and my drawings are usually thrown away if I leave them. Ballpoint pen on scrap paper.


9 responses to “Monster

  1. Way scary. And gingivitis, too! Drawn well enough that I need to run away now.

  2. Scary…though not as scary as he would be if he had bottom jaw.

  3. Who cares. Your monster looks awesome. Great job.

  4. Too creepy. I love it.

  5. very disturbing and scary, think you achieved the your marvelous monster.

  6. Wow, great scary teeth! Like the colour too.

  7. Awesome drawing–the color really enhances it even more!

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