(This May Be Blasphemy)

So the theme for this week’s Illustration Friday challenge is phobia. I thought for a while about the topic. Phobia. Hmm. My girlfriend is super-afraid of wasps. When I was younger, I didn’t like watching America’s Most Wanted because I was afraid I’d see one of the fugitives out and about.


I try to be a little absurd in my interpretations of the weekly challenges. Jesus! I’m afraid Jesus is going to come back. Come back and be mad at all the crap people have done in his name. Wait! No! Jesus is gonna come back specifically for me and the picture I drew of him coming back for me! Huh? I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about any more. Here’s my lame picture.


I’m gonna try and get a colored version up later in the week. See some previous Illustration Fridays here.


4 responses to “Phobia

  1. I loved this picture… I’ve heard so many people say they can’t wait for Jesus’ return… But never have I heard it like this… This is great:)~

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  3. fuk u u fukin retard

  4. picture´s cool, topic´s wack.

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