Lucio Fulci’s Zombie


A watercolor piece based on one of the two greatest scenes in the motion picture Zombie (also known as Zombi 2) by Italian filmaker Lucio Fulci. A woman getting grabbed by a zombie and dragged eye-first slowly into a splinter of a wooden door. One of my favorite zombie movies of ever.


3 responses to “Lucio Fulci’s Zombie

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  2. Cool artwork. I always liked Fulci’s Zombie, just not as much as The Beyond and City of the Living Dead. The intestine vomiting scene from COLD is one the most memorable scenes for me. Have you seen Lizard in a Woman’s Skin? It is definitely Fulci’s most artistic film.

  3. I loved Zombi 2, this is really great artwork and reminds me of Frank Millers early work on ‘Batman Returns’

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