Friday The 13th Again

Jason 2

This year’s version of the Friday the 13th villain. I like the one I did 7 years ago better. Crap. Am I getting worse at this whole art thing?

(I originally called this post Friday The 13th Part 2, but I thought I would get some flack from horror nerds saying that Jason didn’t even have his hockey mask in Part 2 and then I would explain it was just referencing this being the second Friday The 13th post from me. Or something.)


One response to “Friday The 13th Again

  1. I like this one better then the one 7 years ago… I don’t think you’re getting bad at the art thing at all… I think however, it has softened up a bit. What I mean by that is the one you did in ’99 is a little bit more to look at… Whereas, the one you did now is more the real thing only in cartoon:) Does that make sense?

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