So I pulled an overnight shift at work Monday/Tuesday. I got all my work done, but I had to hang around with the floor cleaning crew. I’m glad I brought my sketchbook:


Skeleton Shower

weGo In Your Home

worst robot ever

look at me

I’m this tired.

Why do they mock me?

Captain America

Zombie Bart

And then my boss showed up to relieve me. I wouldn’t say that me being super-tired made my drawings worse per se, but they definitely got weirder. I did get to sleep about 7-ish this morning. I feel a lot better after sleeping all day.


2 responses to “Overnighter

  1. I have just found your blog. Those are amazing! Cannot put it into words. The ‘Overnighter’ one had me in fits, as did the shower one.

    Wow..just wow. I’m linking to you straight away 🙂

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