Two Boys

 Two Boys

I found this half of a photo behind a Walgreens. Part of the fun of finding stuff like this is trying to figure out how it ended up where it was. Being it was half of a photo, what was going on in the other half of the picture? Why did this get thrown out? Was Mr. Georgia Tech not into being safe so Safety couldn’t hang with him anymore? Did Safety get all tweaked out on meth and take a swing at Georgia Tech’s mom? I could do this all day.

How about this: Safety accidentally drank some Liquid Plumr and vomited all over Georgia Tech’s X-Box. Georgia Tech doesn’t notice until he tries to boot up to play some Halo and his X-Box catches fire and burns though his assortment of VD prescription medications, including half of this picture and he has to flee his home via dune buggy. Amongst all the confusion and grief, his gonorrhea flairs up, he flips his dune buggy and busts his head open. The dune buggy flies into the Walgreens and explodes. He slips into a coma and I find the picture. Yeah. That’s it.

I find stuff. See some more over here. 

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One response to “Two Boys

  1. Georgia tech and safety go hand in hand and maybe now they broke up so that’s why the picture was behind the walgreens… :)~

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