Hooray For Love Day!

 love day

The card I made for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I spent a lot more time on it than last year’s.


4 responses to “Hooray For Love Day!

  1. Very funny and clever. I hope she likes it. I must say that it’s much better than last year’s.

  2. I Love it! Please check the multimedia story which my musician boyfriend wrote for me (painter) for Valentine!

  3. Awesome job with this, I love and admire your ability to capture you and your cat (I am assuming that is your cat) in the form of art. I hope your work made somebody’s Valentines Day a happy one. Feel free to check out my blog sometime. I host one that features one cool piece of art a day that I stumble across while browsing blogs. Let me know if you would ever like to share your work.


    Shawn Nacona

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