It’s Sandman!


Because I’m super-excited for the new Spider-Man movie, I thought I’d try drawing Sandman, one of the villains. I’m not really sure why it looks like he’s made of crap. Oh yeah, I suck at watercolors. That’s it. See also my Spider-Man. I’ll probably try Venom next.


5 responses to “It’s Sandman!

  1. LOL, not too bad a job I don’t think. I certainly do not think it looks exactly like “crap” with the lighter color, but the shape rather has that appearence. You should create you own villain, “crap man” for fun sometimes. I do like this, watercolors are tricky and take a little practice, I would say a little more tan on the color, but not a bad job. Enjoyed the pic, thanks for sharing!


    Shawn Nacona

  2. Good job,
    It does look like a sand man… 🙂
    The man in picture is not good that is what a villan is supposed to look like…. Good Job..
    as nacona77 says create your own villan 😉
    Next time have some propionate figure (i mean width of hand and legs and body…)

  3. Who knows…maybe Sandman is sometimes mistaken by cats as a litter box and he DOES become Crapman…it could happen!

  4. Good stuff!

    and forget that comment above about drawing in proportion; the way you’ve done it has far more character.

  5. Agreed…Sandman, by nature, is not limited to the puny proportions of humanity. His body is an ever-morphing specimen of non-proportionality. (ok, I’m just talking gibberish now).

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