Yesterday: The Comic

I had yesterday off of work and I thought I’d do a little art project. I chronicled my day in panel by panel comic form. One panel for each hour of the day of something I did. And then I realize I have a boring lame existence. Except for the sex of course. That’s one thing I do have going for me. Enjoy. I may do some more if you all dig it, the comic I mean. (Apologies for the quality of the pictures. I had to take a photo of the art because 11×17 is too big for my scanner.)
3-20 part one

3-20 part two


5 responses to “Yesterday: The Comic

  1. This not COMIC. No Hulk-Smash!

    I’m surprised she lets you near her girly-spot with those fingernails…

  2. What do you mean they are her fingernails…

    cute comic, less cute life, needs more plot… 🙂

  3. Maybe your cat has a hearing problem? Consult your local vetenarian.

  4. Lagartha, I disagree. The “hole” finger is hers (painted nails)…the scurvy “pointer” finger is his. Well, I think that’s the case, anyway.

  5. i had a birtday the 20th
    that was exactly how i spent my day
    um, but i think i got outta bed later
    …you are a legend Sir
    …a legend

    wait , is this father Luke

    _______________________tee hee

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