Cupside Down

Cupside Down

“You won’t believe this, Helen: Roger and I went to Stuckey’s for breakfast after 9 o’clock mass Sunday. The pastor gave a really uplifting sermon about being good to the unfortunate and it really made me feel warm inside. We pulled into the Stuckey’s parking lot and were about to get a nice spot up front by the door, which is quite unusual for that time of day and a poor old crippled man pulled up from the opposite direction. He had one of those little blue cripple stickers on his car and Roger let him have the spot. It was the right thing to do. We smiled at each other and we could feel God with us that moment. We parked at the far end of the lot and walked a little farther than we wanted to. Roger’s hip has been acting up, you know. We got to the door and the lady hostess Madge, you know her, she’s that nice colored gal who jogs in our neighborhood, she seated us right away. We got to our table and wouldn’t you know it, our coffee cups were upside down. Roger and I had quite the laugh I tell you. Madge even took a picture with our camera. I’m thinking of sending this story and photo into the Reader’s Digest. You can’t make up stories like this.”

I found this photo in a pile of crap.

See some more crap I’ve found here.


2 responses to “Cupside Down

  1. that all sounds so familiar…

  2. makin me giggle like a schoolgirl love these pix from the junkpile

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