As some of you may know, I’m working on a comick with my girlfriend. We both have supporting roles in the story and this is a piece of concept art for the comick version of me.


2 responses to “Rev

  1. alexandrudarie

    A piece of advice, although you are clearly quite well trained. The hair needs work, the lines are too disordered and random thickness (there’s no logic there, you just put them because you felt like), the little lines/points that suppose to give texture are everywhere and the shading is bizarre and less understood: this would damage the volume. I suggest you take a look over Frank Miller’s work and use a proper pen (old school like) for it will give you a better control over the line. You can use one more color, to add diversity and detail. And as a final note watch the rigidity of the lines, for they define the structure/material of the object. Just wanted to help, peace, out!

  2. Um….yeah.

    I think it rocks, but I’m clearly untrained.

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