Three Index Card Robots

3 index card robots

Three robots drawn on index cards in ’04. I think I have an unhealthy robot, uh, thing. Robots and zombies. Hmm. I think I have to draw a robot zombie.


As I was posting this I scribbled out a little robot zombie on an index card. Check it out in all of its lame glory:

robot zombie


4 responses to “Three Index Card Robots

  1. Love ’em all. But the robot zombie is the only thing that can stop the robot revolution in its tracks.

    Hmmm…Index Card Theatre???

  2. Awesome ROBots. I like the detail of each robo.

  3. I wanna get this picture tattoed it fucking rocks

  4. hey i was wondering if i could take the picture of the zombie robot and put as a myspace banner for my band myspace robots beening our theme i would not cut out your signiture out or eny thing and give you and your art all the credit if you are ok with this please get back to me thanks so much


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