Day 3 (of 13)

I have a little animation of me turning into a werewolf on my contact page:


I’ve been meaning to make a new one for a while now and I finally got around to starting a new one. This one’s a little bigger, I still got a bunch to do on it. Here’s the first bit of it here:


I’m gonna work on it some more this week. I’ll be posting the finished one when it’s done.

(My girlfriend k.t. is out of town for two weeks. I’m documenting my time without her.)

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3 responses to “Day 3 (of 13)

  1. How did you animate that drawing? Do you have software? Just wondering … nice drawings.

  2. I did it in Flash, which I’m trying to learn. My girlfriend is the digital artist and I’m trying to keep up with her.

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