Day 10 (of 13)

I’ve been spending the day working on the comick, No Outlet, that me and k.t. have been working on for years now. The first issue will be done pretty soon and I’ll post the first couple pages here. For now, some random panels taken completely out of context and without word bubbles:

gomez rock


fear factor

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3 responses to “Day 10 (of 13)

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  2. alexandrudarie

    This looks very good. I don’t know if you followed my advices I gave you some time ago, but It is an improvement. You have, volume, texture, nice, I like them. Just don’t add color in Photoshop or anything, like most do, It will look amateur, like those Marvel Idiot Comics. And maybe it’s just me, but the way you cut the characters to fit them is a bit wrong. I mean you cut one of them by his knees, another’s chin… Try to look after a photo magazine, maybe a fashion one, they have good examples.
    Peace, out.

  3. My girlfriend k.t. did the layouts and pencils on this one, I was the inker and I added the textures and such. I think she does a good job.

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