Day 13!

So my girlfriend’s due back from Costa Rica this afternoon. Guess what I was doing last night and this morning? I drew up a crappy little index card sketch of it:


I only got about half of it done, so back to work for me.


4 responses to “Day 13!

  1. this is really funny! I can relate! This is what it looks like when the owner of the house we have been sitting for is about to come home!

  2. not that taffy’s back, now what.. My life is on hold… what do I read for entertainment, WELL??!!!!

    PS– how’s the hand??

  3. Heh…whenever the other half leaves, I lapse back into bachelor mode as well. Dishes can sit awhile, things accumulate on the coffee table, take out and drive thru bags lay around for days. Then, it’s time to clean up right before she gets back.

    Don’t get cleaner in your hand cut.

  4. So true. But it always takes much less time than I usually anticipate, and I am left wondering why I didn’t do it until half an hour before she’s due to arrive..

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