By Me


I did this for the author info page of me and k.t.’s comick and I like how it turned out so I incorporated it into the new header for this here blog nonsense.


4 responses to “By Me

  1. That’s pen & ink on 11×17 bristol board.

  2. alexandrudarie

    Nice, but the composition is f***d up. Work a bit more at that, you can still edit this one to look real good, but try another one. First, the more black, the heavier it gets, and without rugged and rigid lines it will look like a misinterpretation of Miller’s Sin City. But the difference was he was using a lot of black because it was a noir story. Next time remember that black always comes to front optically and it falls always on the bottom of the page, again, optically. Make another one, and change the black/white ratio. Or better, scan it in photoshop and change the black to another color. Look for the pop artists on the internet like Andy Warhol. You’ll see what I was trying to say.
    I like the fact that you are always willing to listen and improve, that’s the road to a PRO.
    Peace, out!

  3. This a piece for our little minicomic that’s coming out and it’s going to be shrunk down quite a bit and have text added to it. It’s going to be black and white so that’s why the particular choice on the color, or lack thereof.

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