Two Shoes

Nike Air Flight

The above picture of Nike Air Flights was drawn in my first high school art class. The very first period of 9th grade Drawing 1 we had to draw our shoe. And there it is. Compare and contrast with the picture below I drew today of my shoe.


I primarily work in pen and ink now so that’s what I used for it. I wouldn’t say the new one is better than the old one, just different. How I draw has changed a lot with in the 16 years between the two pictures.

I did the same thing with self-portraits last April. Check it out here.


2 responses to “Two Shoes

  1. nice work hope you have a nice life
    and a good art job too! im 13 and am an artist also! pretty sweet huh im bored hope we can hook up some day!!!! your #1 and #46 and #34 and #14 and #23(they are my favorite #s)
    you would wish u were my fave #s too!?!?!??
    !!!!! hehe haha hoho happy
    luv ya

  2. sorry…….
    happy artistry!!!!!!
    {lil art humor won’t hurt}


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