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Pictionary Fun Time

Today I pulled out the old Pictionary and did some pictures.  Two inch square pictures in ink with a one minute time limit on each clue, like the game. I made fifteen of them. Can you guess them all? Some of them I think turned out okay. Some, well they’re a little less than okay. Play along at home! Guess the pictures in the comments there.



There was a crazy lightning storm last night and I got some pictures. Most of them are up large on my Flickr site, but I did make this little animation:


Papercraft Self-Portrait

paper me and mew

I made a little papercraft figure of myself. I used a modified Domokun pattern for the folding and such and I drew myself on it. It turned out pretty nice. See the animation below for a 360 view of it. (It’s a big file so it may take a moment to load.)

Paper Me

Hogan’s Class

I found this note near an elementary school. I guess a teacher was taking notes about a class. Probably a substitute or something. None of it seems bad enough to write a note about. Kids talking at lunch? Yipes. Expel the lot of them.

hogans class

hogans class - back

No Outlet Preview

No Outlet #1 cover

Me and k.t. finally got issue one of our comick No Outlet done. While not printed up yet, I thought I’d throw up a little preview for the dozen or so fans of my work that are out there.

It starts out slow, but check it out and let me know what you think.

See some of the behind the scenes posts on this here blog.

More Sketchcrappery

I’ve been doing a lot more sketches directly in ink lately. I think I like the results better in that when I screw something up, I have to make it work. Sometimes it works. Other times, well, they end up like these:

6-14 sketch

6-14 sketches 2

Random Sketch Party Fun Time!

Much like my previous Doodle Sheet post, this is random shape interpretation artistry. This one I just scribbled some random lines and turned them into uh, things. Some of them turned out better than others.



my fish is sick

gay popeye

Raining Blood

raining blood

I found this school worksheet and I thought it would be fun to fill it out myself. I probably shouldn’t be posting this on a Sunday, but I figure I’m going to Hell already, so screw it. Not quite as blasphemous as my Phobia piece, but I may get some hate comments from it that I hope are more creative than what ian wrote on that post. How somebody could get offended by a picture of Jesus and resort to cursing me out is crazy. Anyhow. Here it is. I even used some crayons to get that authentic 10-year-old look. Or something.



An old piece I did in 2000. Not too sure what this one’s all about.  Judging from the date, I was probably high at the time. Which explains it. Or not.

Fake Blood Test

 Fake Blood 1

Fake Blood 2

I’m working on a little short film thing and I need some fake blood for it. These are some test photos I took for an early batch of some fake blood. It wasn’t thick enough, but I figured maybe somebody would like to see this. I used red food coloring, Karo Light Corn Syrup and a little too much water.