Pictionary Fun Time

Today I pulled out the old Pictionary and did some pictures.  Two inch square pictures in ink with a one minute time limit on each clue, like the game. I made fifteen of them. Can you guess them all? Some of them I think turned out okay. Some, well they’re a little less than okay. Play along at home! Guess the pictures in the comments there.


7 responses to “Pictionary Fun Time

  1. 1. pet coffin
    2. sissyboy
    3. stumplump
    4. bendy straw
    5. thumb condom
    6. pentagon from the air
    7. camping out on top of stonehenge
    8. obsolete 5″ floppy
    9. half eaten granola bar
    10. erect nipple
    11. gila monster with halitosis
    12. cruelly pointing out ken doll’s lack of genitalia
    13. happy mennonite
    14. apply mascara here
    15. screwdriver

  2. I like the guesses better than what they are actually supposed to be. You did get some right though:

    6. Pentagon
    7. Floppy Disc
    15. Screwdriver

    Anybody wanna try to get the rest?

  3. i was trying not to get any (except for screwdriver).

  4. 1. catbox

  5. 1.litterbox
    2. superman
    3. ankle
    4.to bandage a wound
    5. thimble
    7. sleeping
    10. hydrant
    11. godzilla
    12. hip
    13. hillbilly

  6. 15. Abe Lincoln’s top hat on a pole

  7. Hrm. Not quite, although I like you explanation better. It looks like the only one no one has got yet is #12. Of course, that’s probably my fault for drawing it so shittily.

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