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Bad Spock

bad spock

There he is. In all of his glory. A crappily drawn Spock for the Bad Spock Drawings blog. I actually broke a pen nib while drawing this, which was probably for the best.



Blobs Be Things

A challenge was issued over Bearskinrug. Make blobs. Into things. This is something I’ve done myself a couple times already. I threw back a couple beers and this is what I came up with:

blobs be things

Check out the original post here if you’d like to give it a try yourself.



Jeez. That Italian plumber is kind of a dick when he has a few drinks in him.

(watercolor and ink on bristol board. 3 1/2″ x 4″)

Mysterio Stickery

So a while ago I was stickering the town with drawings of Mysterio and I recently checked on some of them to see how they were holding up:

This one’s from March of ’06. It’s in pretty rough shape. (Original post here)

Mysterio still loves you.

This one from almost a year ago has lost all it’s color. (Original post here)

Mysterio still picks his nose

I did a different Mysterio every Monday for all of 2006. Stickers, paintings, scribbles, animation.

If you’d like to check out the archives, click here.

Birthday Card Portrait


I drew this silly little self-portrait for a birthday card and I like how it turned out. One of the good things about being an artist is that any time a holiday comes around you can just make a card as opposed to shoveling money to that soul-less bastard Hallmark.

Water Purifier

Another picture drawn from a topic on a randomly chosen Pictionary card. I’ve never drawn a water purifier before. I don’t know if that’s even what they look like, but let’s make-believe, shall we.

water purifier


A quick little ink/watercolor piece on a suggestion from a randomly chosen Pictionary card. The word was Stop and I wanted to do something a little different than a red octagon. No idea who this cat is, but he’s really short. Or the bus stop sign is really tall. I don’t know. It turned out okay, I guess.


Work Sketches

So I have this new job. I’m pretty anti-social and I’m new, so on my lunch breaks I kinda sit by myself in the break room and draw when I’m done eating. Here’s some crappy pen sketches I did last week:

sock monster

not jason

robot & good vs. evil

So Tired

so tired