Monthly Archives: August 2007


I made a little piece of artwork for me and my girlfriend’s 7th anniversary. She likes my little hand drawn cards and the like, so I will continue to make them. The video’s sped up like 4 times. I made the musick for it as well. If anyone wants an Mp3 of it, let me know.

Paper Alien

paper alien

Another papercraft project. Some weird alien guy. Made using the same template as this previous one of me.



Continuing in my quest to illustrate a deck of Pictionary cards. 

My New Favorite Shirts

Some recent thrift store acquisitions:

summer camp

This one was a little too surreal to pass up. A cowboy riding a seahorse. The vaguely homo-erotic nature of the shirt, the seahorse in particular. The back of the shirt mentions David Flower Productions. After a quick googling, I find out: yep, it’s gay. Although I am not, I still dig the shirt and will continue to wear it.

Thomas Moore t-shirt

I have a rule when frequenting the local thrift stores: if it’s signed, buy it. I have several record albums and books signed by authors, artists and musicians, but this is the first t-shirt. I probably would’ve bought it anyway. It turns out that Dr. Thomas Moore is nationally recognized as an early childhood consultant, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and children’s recording artist. At least that’s what his bio page on his website says.



I’ve been making my way back through the Preacher series recently and thought I’d draw one of my favorite characters. Arseface. He who has the face of an arse after a failed suicide attempt. Probably one of my favorite comic books of ever. If you haven’t read it you should definitely check it out.

(pen and watercolor 5″ x 5 1/2″)

Beer Belly

beer belly

Another in my series of random Pictionary card images. This was me about 7 or 8 years ago when I was way heavy into the binge drinking. Remember kids, drink responsibly. Or you’ll end up like this idiot.

Pointing Up

pointing up



Another artistic interpretation of random splattered teabaggery. See also: Kit-TEA.



I drew a scarecrow based off a suggestion from a randomly chosen Pictionary card. I’ve done this a couple times now, it gets me drawing stuff besides robots and zombies. See some others I have done here.

More Work Sketches

Some crappy little sketches I’ve done at work recently:




goopyarmed robot

See some older ones here.