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Some animated craps.




There was a crazy lightning storm last night and I got some pictures. Most of them are up large on my Flickr site, but I did make this little animation:


Papercraft Self-Portrait

paper me and mew

I made a little papercraft figure of myself. I used a modified Domokun pattern for the folding and such and I drew myself on it. It turned out pretty nice. See the animation below for a 360 view of it. (It’s a big file so it may take a moment to load.)

Paper Me

Day 11 (of 13)


Zombie! I finished the little zombie animation I started the other day. I had a different ending planned originally but I did want it to loop, so I guess it’s okay. I’m still kinda figuring out Flash so I’ll eventually get better at it.

(My girlfriend k.t. is out of town for two weeks. I’m documenting my time without her.)

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Day 3 (of 13)

I have a little animation of me turning into a werewolf on my contact page:


I’ve been meaning to make a new one for a while now and I finally got around to starting a new one. This one’s a little bigger, I still got a bunch to do on it. Here’s the first bit of it here:


I’m gonna work on it some more this week. I’ll be posting the finished one when it’s done.

(My girlfriend k.t. is out of town for two weeks. I’m documenting my time without her.)

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I use hand signals before I turn or stop

hand signals

I got a super-fantastic book from the local thrift store (always a great place to find old kids books for 20 cents): Health Safety & Manners 1. It was produced with the Pensacola Christian School in 1983 and it’s awesome. The photos are all amazing such as the ones above. I saw them side by side in the book and had to animate them. There’s some more goodness I’ll be sharing with y’all soon. Stay tuned.

Treat Tunnel

 Treat Tunnel

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Weird Eye Movie Thing

weird eye movie thing

I was at my girlfriend’s mother’s house the other day and found this animation on her computer. I made it with the tools at and e-mailed to k.t. when she still lived there way back in 2001. It was my first attempt at gif animation and it’s funny to see it now after forgetting about making it.



Super Flashlight Disco Party USA.

disco party

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