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My attempts at Illustration Friday topics.



It’s been almost a year now since I last did something for Illustration Friday. I don’t really have any kind of reason, but I knew I needed to get back into it. And here it is. Juggle. I’ve been drawing these weird characters lately and decided to start out with some weird guy. What to juggle? I have a collection of children’s science books obtained from thrift store shopping and found some spherical objects to juggle. Believe me, this was the least weird combination I came up with. Even with the head.

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(This May Be Blasphemy)

So the theme for this week’s Illustration Friday challenge is phobia. I thought for a while about the topic. Phobia. Hmm. My girlfriend is super-afraid of wasps. When I was younger, I didn’t like watching America’s Most Wanted because I was afraid I’d see one of the fugitives out and about.


I try to be a little absurd in my interpretations of the weekly challenges. Jesus! I’m afraid Jesus is going to come back. Come back and be mad at all the crap people have done in his name. Wait! No! Jesus is gonna come back specifically for me and the picture I drew of him coming back for me! Huh? I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about any more. Here’s my lame picture.


I’m gonna try and get a colored version up later in the week. See some previous Illustration Fridays here.



This week’s Illustration Friday topic is change. It didn’t turn out quite like how I wanted it to, but I got the absurd idea across I think. (Pen and Watercolor)
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A simple interpretation of this week’s Illustration Friday theme. Created with pen and ink with some watercolor and an actual match used for the smoke.

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This week for Illustration Friday, the theme was Play. I went back to my youth and what I used to play. Nintendo. That was my youth. In front of the TV. Blowing in Nintendo cartridges. Playing until my fingers cramped up. Yeah. Good times.

See a bigger version of this on my Flickr page.

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Angels And Devils

 Angel Vs. Devil

I'm stupid busy with unpacking after moving this week, but I did want to participate in Illustration Friday. Luckily, I found an appropriate picture in my archives for the topic. This picture was drawn ten years ago, and my style hasn't changed all that much. If I find some time I'll draw a new one.

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This week's topic for Illustration Friday is FAT. I decided to revisit my Maury friend and did an obese child. I could go on a Spurlockian rant about the diets of youngsters and the influence of fast-food advertising and the like, but I will not.

This particular image was done in ink and watercolor. Splashes of chocolate and Cheetos were smeared into her shirt.

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