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Strange items found everywhere.



In some sort of weird cosmic coincidence, I found this picture yesterday walking home  from the thrift store after drawing that Batman in the previous post a couple days ago. Weird. I reckon it flew out of the window of a school bus or something. It’s kinda funny how it’s not the bat symbol in the sky there, it’s like Batman’s head or something.

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An example of brickwork (I guess) found not too far from these.

Found Polaroids

I was nosing around the wreckage of a construction site where a brick seller once stood, demolished to make room for a new little mini-mall, and I found these Polaroids:


bricks 2

el club hispano

el club hispano 2

Giving You What You Wanted

A found grocery list with a little message on the back. I know when I don’t get my Tub Butter, I start the yelling too. Don’t even get me started on the Roman Lettuce.

giving you

giving you what you wanted

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Hogan’s Class

I found this note near an elementary school. I guess a teacher was taking notes about a class. Probably a substitute or something. None of it seems bad enough to write a note about. Kids talking at lunch? Yipes. Expel the lot of them.

hogans class

hogans class - back

Raining Blood

raining blood

I found this school worksheet and I thought it would be fun to fill it out myself. I probably shouldn’t be posting this on a Sunday, but I figure I’m going to Hell already, so screw it. Not quite as blasphemous as my Phobia piece, but I may get some hate comments from it that I hope are more creative than what ian wrote on that post. How somebody could get offended by a picture of Jesus and resort to cursing me out is crazy. Anyhow. Here it is. I even used some crayons to get that authentic 10-year-old look. Or something.

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt - front

scavenger hunt - back

I found this index card near my apartment the other day. It appears to be some sort of scavenger hunt list. I wonder how far they got with it.

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