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My girlfriend’s taking a Ceramics class and she brought home some clay. Here’s the start of my first little project.




Jeez. That Italian plumber is kind of a dick when he has a few drinks in him.

(watercolor and ink on bristol board. 3 1/2″ x 4″)

Why I Haven’t Been Posting Much Lately

me & wii

DS Fanboy (Honorable Mention)


So I thought I would enter a little Photoshopping contest over at DS Fanboy to win a copy of the portable versions of Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam. I’ve been a fan of the Tony Hawk series on consoles since the first one. I didn’t win, but I did get honorable mention over at the site. Check it out.

Mega Man


A seriously damaged Mega Man. I was way into Mega Man when I was younger. Mega Man 2 being a personal favorite. It had the best soundtrack of ever.

There are several music groups that cover Mega Man and other video game tunes. Two of the best are the Minibosses and The Advantage. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Mega Man 2: (Video)



This week for Illustration Friday, the theme was Play. I went back to my youth and what I used to play. Nintendo. That was my youth. In front of the TV. Blowing in Nintendo cartridges. Playing until my fingers cramped up. Yeah. Good times.

See a bigger version of this on my Flickr page.

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Tetris Fever

 tetris fever

I'm way into the Tetris DS. All the crack-like addictiveness (just one more game) of the original, with the added humiliation of getting defeated by someone halfway across the world. Seriously, how can so many good players be on there at 4:00 in the damn morning. I get my arse handed to me pretty regularly. Rev. Josh is my handle on there so be easy on me. I'm kinda lame.