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Craps that deal with Rev. Josh and his stupid junks.



Hey gang. I’ve been gone a while. I’m moving this here blog thing over to my domain. I effed up the import and I’ve been spending the last couple weeks trying to fix everything. It all looks okay now, I reckon. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. This site will remain, but will not be updated.

About the new site:

While I tried to keep this site relativley PG-13, the new one will probably be a hard R. Not necessarily cocks everywhere, but I do have a bit of a potty mouth.

With near unlimited space, I will be posting bigger images of my artwork and crap from my also transfered Photo Retch photoblog. I will also be posting a bunch of multimedia stuff like videos and musick.

The main page is a shared table of contents thing with my girlfriend kt’s page (check her stuff out too if you’d like) and our comick.

The actual location for the blog is

See you there.


Papercraft Self-Portrait

paper me and mew

I made a little papercraft figure of myself. I used a modified Domokun pattern for the folding and such and I drew myself on it. It turned out pretty nice. See the animation below for a 360 view of it. (It’s a big file so it may take a moment to load.)

Paper Me

Fake Blood Test

 Fake Blood 1

Fake Blood 2

I’m working on a little short film thing and I need some fake blood for it. These are some test photos I took for an early batch of some fake blood. It wasn’t thick enough, but I figured maybe somebody would like to see this. I used red food coloring, Karo Light Corn Syrup and a little too much water.

Day 13!

So my girlfriend’s due back from Costa Rica this afternoon. Guess what I was doing last night and this morning? I drew up a crappy little index card sketch of it:


I only got about half of it done, so back to work for me.

Day 8 (Of 13)

This morning I wasn’t quite awake yet and I knocked over a cup of coffee off the counter before I even got a sip, narrowly missing my crotch. I knew it wasn’t gonna be my day.

I was at work and the weather looked like it was gonna turn bad so I decided I should take the garbage out before it started raining. As soon as I opened the back door, it was already sprinkling. The wind was a’blowing. I went over to the dumpster and grabbed the plastic hinged lid-thing and attempted to flip it over and behind as it is supposed to do. The wind was working against me and I scraped the shit out of my hand on the dumpster. It was a pretty deep cut and it bled quite a bit. I threw the trash and junk out and went back inside.

I grabbed the Polaroid camera out of the office, usually reserved for taking pictures of shoplifters and the like and snapped a few photos before I cleaned the cut up. They didn’t turn out well:

Cut Hand polaroids

Stupid blurry garbage. So I decided to do a little sketch:

cut hand drawing

k.t. has the camera with her in Costa Rica so when I got home I did a scan of it. It really doesn’t look that bad. Just another wound on my gnarly hands. Oh well.

hand cut

(My girlfriend k.t. is out of town for two weeks. I’m documenting my time without her.)

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As some of you may know, I’m working on a comick with my girlfriend. We both have supporting roles in the story and this is a piece of concept art for the comick version of me.

Finders Keepers.

I find stuff. Rather, I look for stuff. Discarded items. Lost things. Lists. Photos. Drawings. I try to get into the head of the person who created them and then lost or threw them out. I’ve been doing this most my life, but I’ve been going out on finding treks for about a year or so.

Most of the crap I find is on the walk to work. I walk along a fairly busy road so’s a bunch of things end up chucked out of someone’s window and end up near the sidewalk. Mostly garbage, receipts and the like. Sometimes I find good stuff as well. (See here to see a bunch of junk I’ve found).

About halfway to work there’s a construction site. It’s where I found this car and its contents. One Sunday I got off work early in the afternoon and I walked by the site as no one was working there.

Behind and next to the construction site was a dumping ground for this brick company. There was a warehouse back there that was torn down soon after construction began (see some pictures in the warehouse here). There were piles and piles of bagged leaves and yard clippings, debris and such. This Sunday there was more.

Some photos of the new piles (which were hauled off the very next day):

pile one

Pile 2

pile 3

As you can see there’s a couple greeting cards and a packet of photos in that last picture. Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting a few of my favorite things I fished out of the pile of crap. Some neat stuff. If I had known the pile was getting hauled away the next day I would’ve spent some more time rummaging through it. I found some good stuff. Stay tuned.