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Pick Your Nose

pick your nose






Supposedly, according to the movies and such, when someone gets super wasted they run around with a lamp shade on their head like it’s the funniest thing of ever. I’ve never actually seen this sort of behavior first hand, but it is what came to mind when I pulled the Pictionary card with SHADE on it.

I’ve been drawing random craps from Pictionary cards. See the series here.



Continuing in my quest to illustrate a deck of Pictionary cards. 

Beer Belly

beer belly

Another in my series of random Pictionary card images. This was me about 7 or 8 years ago when I was way heavy into the binge drinking. Remember kids, drink responsibly. Or you’ll end up like this idiot.



I drew a scarecrow based off a suggestion from a randomly chosen Pictionary card. I’ve done this a couple times now, it gets me drawing stuff besides robots and zombies. See some others I have done here.

Water Purifier

Another picture drawn from a topic on a randomly chosen Pictionary card. I’ve never drawn a water purifier before. I don’t know if that’s even what they look like, but let’s make-believe, shall we.

water purifier