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In some sort of weird cosmic coincidence, I found this picture yesterday walking homeĀ  from the thrift store after drawing that Batman in the previous post a couple days ago. Weird. I reckon it flew out of the window of a school bus or something. It’s kinda funny how it’s not the bat symbol in the sky there, it’s like Batman’s head or something.

I collect crap I find. See a bunch over here.


Sometimes I Just Wanna Draw Batman

batman and hisĀ chin

It’s true. This monstrosity I just pissed out the other day and kt said she liked it, so here it is.

I prefer this rendition I did back in November.



It’s been almost a year now since I last did something for Illustration Friday. I don’t really have any kind of reason, but I knew I needed to get back into it. And here it is. Juggle. I’ve been drawing these weird characters lately and decided to start out with some weird guy. What to juggle? I have a collection of children’s science books obtained from thrift store shopping and found some spherical objects to juggle. Believe me, this was the least weird combination I came up with. Even with the head.

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