Rev. Josh is a artist/musician in his later twenties. He lives in Florida with his girlfriend k.t. and her cat Mew. They are currently working together on a comick called No Outlet. Josh likes to collect found objects and bad art. He also has a photoblog called Photo Retch. He’s working on a full website over at Email him at:

9 responses to “Contact

  1. Josh how are you???? Look slike you have alot going on!

  2. k.t. is totally banging someone else right now!

  3. hello.
    did you ever make that X-men/Freaks hybrid? I sort of had a similar idea, but mine involves writing a paper about the two films. It’d be cool to see your video.

  4. josh, dude you’re doing it bro. you cousins alec and ben have become pretty good friends of mine and through our interaction at the bar i work at we got to talking about you. evil taco bell and the virtues of a diet high in vitamin thc, hey,something had to numb the pain. your 2cuz(alec n ben) gave a copy of the first issue of no outlet,i cant wait to read what happens next. you’re a funny and talented guy, and it’s good to see you if only as an illustration. you can contact me should be inclined to do so at my above noted myspace(the devil)account.


    wut up u durty lil bastard? i mean that. i am still alive. that shit is awesome. was homless for a bit but hustled my ass off, so smiling i am once again. ur kinda cool. ever hear that? my mom thinx im cool. every time u smile a rainbow craps a baby. myspace. alec wilhelm. search it. cant miss a pretty grandmotherfucker like myself!

  6. kt has really nice tits

  7. andrea mc keown

    hi my names andrea, and im from northern ireland . i came across your webpage there and Im currently doing an art project on abundance of the body, and was wondering would you mind if i referred to you as an artist reference in my project. please email me if you have the chance, its the drawing you done of the overweight four year old, i am interested in knowing what media you used for it, many thanks


  8. wow i was just checking out your drawings and they are immense. I do a little sketchbook stuff when I have the time but yours is so funny and clever you have insprired me to draw more often. If i get famous from drawing i will send you many thanks.

    i gotta go do some drawings now….

    love mitch xoxo

  9. Just ran across this blog/site. Really interesting stuff and checked out your newer blog too.

    Keep it up. šŸ™‚

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