Hey gang. I’ve been gone a while. I’m moving this here blog thing over to my domain. I effed up the import and I’ve been spending the last couple weeks trying to fix everything. It all looks okay now, I reckon. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. This site will remain, but will not be updated.

About the new site:

While I tried to keep this site relativley PG-13, the new one will probably be a hard R. Not necessarily cocks everywhere, but I do have a bit of a potty mouth.

With near unlimited space, I will be posting bigger images of my artwork and crap from my also transfered Photo Retch photoblog. I will also be posting a bunch of multimedia stuff like videos and musick.

The main page is a shared table of contents thing with my girlfriend kt’s page (check her stuff out too if you’d like) and our comick.

The actual location for the blog is

See you there.




In some sort of weird cosmic coincidence, I found this picture yesterday walking home  from the thrift store after drawing that Batman in the previous post a couple days ago. Weird. I reckon it flew out of the window of a school bus or something. It’s kinda funny how it’s not the bat symbol in the sky there, it’s like Batman’s head or something.

I collect crap I find. See a bunch over here.

Sometimes I Just Wanna Draw Batman

batman and his chin

It’s true. This monstrosity I just pissed out the other day and kt said she liked it, so here it is.

I prefer this rendition I did back in November.



It’s been almost a year now since I last did something for Illustration Friday. I don’t really have any kind of reason, but I knew I needed to get back into it. And here it is. Juggle. I’ve been drawing these weird characters lately and decided to start out with some weird guy. What to juggle? I have a collection of children’s science books obtained from thrift store shopping and found some spherical objects to juggle. Believe me, this was the least weird combination I came up with. Even with the head.

See some of my older Illustration Fridays here.

Pick Your Nose

pick your nose



My girlfriend’s taking a Ceramics class and she brought home some clay. Here’s the start of my first little project.



An example of brickwork (I guess) found not too far from these.





Supposedly, according to the movies and such, when someone gets super wasted they run around with a lamp shade on their head like it’s the funniest thing of ever. I’ve never actually seen this sort of behavior first hand, but it is what came to mind when I pulled the Pictionary card with SHADE on it.

I’ve been drawing random craps from Pictionary cards. See the series here.

Found Polaroids

I was nosing around the wreckage of a construction site where a brick seller once stood, demolished to make room for a new little mini-mall, and I found these Polaroids:


bricks 2

el club hispano

el club hispano 2